Clerk Achievements
In his first term as Clerk of Courts, Ronnie brought his business acumen to the office. He, along with his great team,

  • Streamlined the process of mailing jury summons resulting in a cost savings of over 30%
  • Led one of the State's most successful efforts during a statewide amnesty program, "Operation Green Light" resulting in $513,000 collected and distributed to state and local trust funds, as well as 2,298 cases paid in full, 355 driver's licenses reinstated and 633 made eligible.
  • Added passport services in late 2015 at both the Courthouse and the Beaches Branch Office netting an additional $90,000 of revenue and projected to increase to $115,000 net income annually.
  • Every budget submitted since taking office in 2013 has not required a City of Jacksonville General Fund contribution for county functions.
  • Secured free juror parking in the garage across the street from the Courthouse so jurors no longer have to wait to be shuttled from Everbank Field and back again.
  • Put a Disaster Recovery plan in place including offsite backups that will allow the office to function in the event of an emergency.
  • Reduced backlog of tax deed sales. By August of 2016, the office will be selling properties from the current calendar year for the first time in 20+ years.
  • Installed a 94 station queuing system giving customers quicker access to the services, and providing departmental supervisors the tools to adjust their work force to meet the office needs.
  • Implemented an electronic Time and Attendance System eliminating a minimum of approximately 25,000 pieces of paper annually.
  • Partnered with multiple non-profit organizations to support and enrich the community around the office through the following events: Back to School Supply Drive for the Sulzbacher Center, Operation Diaper Drive for Hubbard House, quarterly Blood Drives with One Blood, and Neighbor 2 Neighbor Supply Drive with the food being taken to the Clara White Mission and the Nourishment Network; clothing taken to the City Rescue Mission and Trinity Rescue Mission; hygiene products were given to the Salvation Army; and the toys were donated to MaliVai Washington Youth Foundation

© 2016 - Ronnie Fussell, Republican, Clerk of the Circuit Courts